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Let’s Say It: Rioting is Self-Indulgent Idiocy

What exactly do the mobs in Minneapolis who’ve been menacing the Brooklyn Center police station night after night hope to accomplish?

We should be long past pretending that the anti-police Black Lives Matter movement retains some moral legitimacy with lawless actions.

BLM riots make everything worse for everyone.

Their narrative spreads lies, destruction and misery, and does so under the false pretense of righteousness.

Just over a year ago, the death of George Floyd led to chaos in the streets of hundreds of American cities. Buildings were burned, businesses were looted, police officers hit with cinder blocks and bottles of urine.

And for what?

Put aside for a moment the appalling immorality of looting businesses because “people are upset” or “systemic oppression” or whatever childish justification is offered at that moment for the mayhem.

What has come out BLM that has made anything better for anyone? Other than benefitting BLM leadership with a penchant for buying million-dollar homes with money donated “for the struggle.”

Could any of the BLM organizers name a single concession or change resulting from their agitation that actually improved lives?

Of course not. “Defund the police” might be the most moronic, reckless political slogan uttered in living memory, but the BLM movement acts as though it’s the rallying cry of a new civil rights struggle.

It’s also hard to take the BLM activists’ claims seriously when so many times the “mostly peaceful protests” end with mobs stealing sneakers and designer handbags.

The Left’s riot culture- as shown by BLM and Antifa- is a national embarrassment. It should be depressing to every American that the whole country is expecting more riots to be added atop those already happening in Minneapolis because the Derek Chauvin trial will conclude soon.

A healthy nation doesn’t feel under siege at the whims of the mob.

There’s nothing heroic or moral about throwing rocks in cops’ faces or breaking the windows of a CVS because of a news story that strikes a nerve. But instead of condemning this behavior for the selfish, resentment-fueled garbage that it is, journalists constantly bends over backwards to find some cowardly explanation for these riots- and so they keep happening over and over.


This isn’t about Trump and Biden, GOP vs Democrats, or some standard partisan squabbles. This is about what kind of country America is and will be.

The first step in bringing our country back from the brink of another round of nationwide riots is speaking the truth. Here’s an obvious one: we’re better than this, America, even though the Democrats clearly disagree.


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