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The CDC is an Abomination of Bureaucratic Wrongness

How many times would you listen to a stock broker who lost money on every trade?

Is a weatherman who predicts hurricanes every day someone you’d trust?

Would you go in for a second surgery with a doctor who had operated on the wrong leg?

Most jobs have some form of ultimate accountability in them. If you screw up terribly, there are consequences. If you’re wrong often enough, you’ll get fired or your competitors will put you out of business.

Not the Centers for Disease Control!

The magic of working for the CDC is never having to tell anyone “sorry,” no matter how FUBAR their pandemic plans get.

The latest in the year-long parade of incredibly wrong from the lab coat tyrants is that- surprise!- there’s basically zero risk of COVID transmission from surfaces. Here’s the press release if you want to read it yourself (and so the social media “fact checkers” online can’t pretend I’m making it up to cancel me).

What do they estimate as the actual risk of COVID “fomites” (surfaces contaminated with pathogens) to humans? The relevant lines from the CDC are as follows:

Findings of these studies suggest that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection via the fomite transmission route is low, and generally less than 1 in 10,000, which means that each contact with a contaminated surface has less than a 1 in 10,000 chance of causing an infection.

What they call “low risk” is- to a reasonable human being- interchangeable with “no risk.” It’s simply irrational to worry about this. If someone sneezes on a doorknob, you touch it, and your chances of getting COVID from that exchange are .0001, any fear about that would fall into the category of a psychiatric problem, not an epidemiological one.

But that there’s almost no chance of catching COVID-19 from inanimate objects may come as a shock to millions of people who’ve been obsessively wiping down their groceries with Lysol. The hygiene theater that the American people have been subjected to over the last year- including “deep cleans” of classrooms and even subway cars every night in NYC- was beyond absurd. But it’s what “the experts” told us to do.

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What’s even more remarkable is that much of it continues to this day. The CDC has terrified so many Americans, they’re completely incapable of assessing and handling even the most minute COVID risks themselves. This Is why so many fully vaccinated people are walking around bragging about how they still wear 3 masks. They’ve lost their marbles and they want a pat on the head from their CDC overlords.

Enough is enough. We’ve listened to every public health proclamation from the CDC for over a year, and lots of it was wrong or useless. The Fauci superfans can cry in his defense and proclaim their devotion to “the science!- but CDC incorrectness is a matter of factual record.

Our top public health experts have made many awful decisions in the name of COVID safety that haven’t worked as promised (or at all) and came with terrible consequences. They took health decisions out of individual hands and paved the way for the collectivist mask religion that we all suffer under- and that won’t go away until we stand up to it.

Someone needs to tell the tyrants at the CDC to go Fauci themselves.


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