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How Did Democrats Not Know ‘Defund the Police’ was Always a Stupid Idea?

It’s already clear the U.S. is suffering through a slew of Democrat policies that are so obviously dumb, one wonders if they actually enjoy seeing the country deteriorate and suffer. Maybe they view it as a necessary penance for a nation so evil that it recently had (gasp!) Donald Trump as president.

Here’s just a sampling of their party’s idiocy:

– Democrats constantly undermine police with their “defund” narrative- and murders are up almost 20% across the country year over year.

Joe Biden promises tax increases with trillions more government spending- and the post-pandemic economy is stalling out, last month’s jobs report was a disaster. Plus inflation fears grow every day.

– This White House canceled the Keystone XL pipeline on day one of the Biden presidency- and now there are gas lines in the southeast. Yes, the immediate cause is the Colonial pipeline cyber hack, but the White House Press Secretary says that Biden still plans to cancel more pipelines in the future. These people are nuts.

– Biden’s immigration policies made it almost certain that family units and unaccompanied minors who cross illegally into the U.S. will get into the country- forever- and guess what? We have the biggest crisis of illegal border crossings in history.

– Our enemies around the world see a doddering buffoon wandering the White House, and HAMAS seizes the opportunity to fire thousands of rockets into Israel.

Absolutely none of this is surprising. In fact, it’s all very straightforward, with an identifiable cause and effect: the lunacy of Democrats, especially Amtrak Joe. These are dumb decisions that are resulting in bad outcomes. Any person with a basic grasp of common sense would have expected this, but the Democrat base wants more and the Biden team keeps doubling down.

Does any person with an IQ higher than that of a toaster really believe that less money for cops will mean safer streets for anyone?

Does anyone really think that our border will ever be under control if a majority of those who cross it illegally will get to skip the immigration line and stay here forever?

At some point, we are forced to ask a broader question about the Democrats: are their enormous blunders mostly born of ignorance of reality or malice against the country?

Biden’s propagandists in the media can wave around their ridiculous “63% approval!” polls all they want, this administration is one long parade of unforced errors and inept governance.

The bad news is this is what we are stuck with, and it’s only going to get worse. The complicit legacy media feels its job is to protect Biden from any naysayers while they place a cardigan over his shoulders and feed him applesauce.

Biden tries to sound like FDR, but he governs like AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY).

That this is a slow-motion train wreck in its early stage is both obvious and inescapable.

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