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The January 6th Commission Would Be a Show Trial

The Democrats will tell you that this all about “protecting our sacred democracy.”

They will use flowery language to cloak their ultra-partisan intentions. They say this about the need to make sure our institutions endure, and we safeguard the rights of we the people. They will claim this is about accountability for the evil doers of the January 6th riot- which they dishonestly call an ‘insurrection.’

So it’s all based on a lie.

That’s really all you have to know about how this would go, if Democrats got the January 6th Commission for which the House just voted. We can’t even agree with Democrats on what to call January 6th because they’re lying about it.

It was a riot. Some rioters assaulted police, others broke government property and trespassed. Those acts are illegal and should be punished. That’s what happened. But it wasn’t a close-call coup.

Anyone with a dictionary can see that an ‘insurrection’ is a concerted effort to overthrow a government and seize power. That’s not what happened on January 6th, and no reasonable person acting in good faith would say otherwise.

If we can’t even agree with Democrats on the most basic truths, how could we have a fair bipartisan Congressional commission looking into all of it?

We can’t, and that’s the point. The Jan. 6 Commission would never be fair, the Democrats
don’t care about fairness. This is about power. It’s all part of a clear political strategy. They’re demanding this tribunal to create a narrative of America under continued siege at the hands of Trump supporters. They believe this will keep Democrats in power and maybe even expand their majorities in the 2022 election.

There’s a trend here. Whether it was the at the start of the Trump administration or the beginning of Biden’s reign, Democrats build a foundational narrative of extreme national duress- a “threat to our democracy”- built upon lies. They do this to galvanize the most overzealous Marxists of their base, and to justify whatever oppressive, underhanded measures they choose use against their GOP opponents.

Look back at four years of the Trump administration, what was the lie told
in order to undermine everything that President Trump was doing to? To create doubt among millions of Democrats that he was the duly elected president. Russian collusion. Democrats fabricated fables, fairy tales, myths about Trump as Putin’s puppet. They insisted he was a traitor. All of it has been proven now beyond any reasonable doubt to have been utter nonsense.

And here’s what so many forget already: the bad guys got away with it. The Mueller probe and Pelosi’s unhinged impeachment frenzies weren’t enough to get Trump out of office, but they were effective weapons against his administration, nonetheless. Trump spent four years under siege from their lies and didn’t win a second term.

There was no accountability for the deep state as a result of this attempted soft coup. So here we are again, with the shoe on the other foot. Democrats are running the same playbook, except they pretend it’s a “counter-coup” this time, because they’re the ones in power.

The Biden Democrats are pushing the January 6th commission to create and justify authoritarian treatment for the other side of the political aisle. Weaponization of government process and prosecutorial power, all kind of abuses seem necessary when dealing with an “insurrection” threat. Anything Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden’s handlers choose to do to the Republicans is therefore inherently fine, because our government could be overthrown at any minute. It’s madness.

Was that there was an actual attempt by Trump supporters, ordered by the former president himself, to overthrow the United States government? Of course not. How can
any sentient adult really think that Q Anon Shaman and a bunch of selfie
takers inside the Capitol were a real effort to topple the United States government?

The only person killed in the “murderous riot” was an unarmed women named Ashli Babbitt, shot in the neck by a Capitol Hill Police officer as she was trying to climb through a broken door. But the Left still lies about murdered police officers from that day.

The Congressional Democrats (and 35 quisling Republican turncoats) are taking a page from the Soviet playbook with this demand for a show trial. If it happens, there will not be both sides of the story told. What we will see from Democrats is yet another big lie. They will tell it endlessly because they know that it then justifies all the bad faith, mistreatment, and abuse of their political opponents that is to come. Anything for power.

Pravda would be proud.

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