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Trump: I Had No Doubt the Virus Came out of Wuhan

Former President Donald J. Trump reiterated again his belief that Covid-19 virus originated from Wuhan in China.

“I said it right at the beginning that that’s where it came from,” said Trump in an interview with NewsMax’s Steve Cortes on Tuesday.

“I think it was obvious for smart people that’s where it came from. I had no doubt about it. I was criticized by the press because China has a lot of people taken care of. They took care of Hunter [Biden]. They took care of Joe [Biden]. They took care of everybody, didn’t they? And people didn’t want to say China. Usually they blame it on Russia. It’s always Russia, Russia, Russia. But I said right at the beginning it came out of Wuhan.”

Trump also defended his decision to push for the vaccine early and buy in advance hundreds of millions of doses or “we’d be waiting until October of this year” to get Americans vaccinated.

“Remember, I closed our country to China way earlier – much earlier than [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi or anybody wanted it to happen, including Dr. Fauci, who I always got along with pretty well, but I usually did the opposite of what he wanted,” Trump said. “He said the vaccine would take three to five years and probably wouldn’t even happen. And I got it done in less than nine months.”

“I think the best bet ever made was I bought millions and billions of dollars of vaccine before we knew it worked, before we had it approved, because otherwise we’d be waiting until October of this year …,” the former president added. “We did an incredible job with this horrible, with getting the ventilators and getting the outfits and the goggles and the masks and all of the things you had to do.

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