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NY Post Columnist: The New Right is the future of American Conservatism

The 2016 election of President Donald Trump marked a watershed moment not just for the nation, but more specifically for the conservative movement. Since conservatism’s rise to prominence beginning in the 1950, the movement has been defined by certain orthodoxies, small government, strong support for military funding and traditional values. But Trump’s election challenged all that. Unlike conservatism of the past, his ascendancy represented the aspirations of a populist coalition more interested in reform than in adhering to old orthodoxies.

So which direction will conservatism ultimately take?

According to the New York Post columnist David Marcus “the time for conservative deciding has passed.”

“The decision has been made and the conservative movement is now a populist, nationalist Reform Party minded body,” continued Marcus in his opinion piece published on Fox News. “It matters very little if our corporate liberal media chooses to accept this.”

“What conservatives can do now, not unlike the early Christians, is wake up every day, secure in their beliefs, refusing to be confounded by a culture hegemonically controlled by content creators who mock them, and stay firm in their ideas. It is an opportunity. And what we do now will shape our country’s future in profound ways that not long ago seemed impossible,” concluded Marcus.

Click here to watch in full interview with David Marcus


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