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Sexton: The Democrats have ensured that it will be a violent summer

Joe Biden is on a gun-grabbing mission once again as he is blaming guns for the rash of violence across the United States rather than the people using them for no good.


Today on The Buck Sexton Show Podcast Buck commented on the liability for gun manufacturers issue saying “How is getting rid of liability for gun manufacturers going to do anything to stop people who are criminals from shooting other people in the streets of American cities? Do you think any gang banger or do you think any criminal anywhere across the country is saying to himself, whoa, I better not use this fill-in-the-blank weapon, you know, Glock or Smith & Wesson or whatever? Oh, because, you know, there’s a liability issue for the manufacturer. If someone stabbed someone else to death with a chef’s knife are we going to go sue the Knife company? How dare you make a serrated blade that could be used in an attack like this? The same different principle here, folks.”


Catch the full episode of The Buck Sexton Show Podcast here: https://link.chtbl.com/PoJO88PD

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