Saturday, September 25, 2021

CNN Admits Hunter Biden’s Secret Art Deals an ‘Ethical Problem’

CNN is changing tune on Joe Biden‘s son. CNN’s Abby Phillip said on Sunday that Hunter Biden‘s anonymous deals are “a problem, an ethical problem, of optics and from a practical perspective.”

“Why even do this?” questioned Phillip.

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“This is a huge optics problem, an ethics problem,” CNN reporter Melania Zanona responded to Phillip. “And making it more challenging is that it is art and the value is assigned. That’s why critics are saying different things. Obviously, the White House is trying to get some sort of wrap around this, they’re trying to come up with an arrangement that will make it look better. But, you know, they’re worried about it.”

“I find it hard to believe there is any such thing as a blind sale when you’re purchasing art from the president’s son,” Phillip said.

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