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Gov. DeSantis Offers to Provide Cuba with Internet, After Regime Shuts it Down

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis offered to provide access to internet for the Cuban people. Cuban regime blocked access to internet and social media as of Monday, in order to stop the flow of information since the start of the unrests.

Cuban authorities blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram in an attempt to stop the ability to share timely information about the riots among inside the country and with the world.

“What does the regime do when you start to see these images? They shut down the internet,” said DeSantis during a discussion with the Cuban exile community in Miami.

Cuba’s island is located just 90 miles from Florida, is facing one of the worst economic crisis in decades.

“They don’t want the truth to be out, they don’t want people to be able to communicate. And so one of the things I think we should be able to do with our private companies or with the United States is to provide some of that internet service via satellite. We have companies on the Space Coast that launch these things.”

DeSantis offered to make calls and see what are the options.

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