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Pelosi’s January 6th Commission is an Unfunny Joke

She’s ‘deadly serious’ blared the headlines: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will get to the bottom of the “worst assault on our democracy since the civil war” with her handpicked Jan. 6 probe.

This all seems so strange- weren’t Democrats the anarchy-in-the-streets party for the last half of 2020? Didn’t businesses in cities across America board up and prepare for mayhem in case Biden lost?

Lets recall that Biden voters also threw Molotov cocktails at police cars in New York, attempted to burn down a historic church right next to the White House, engaged in coordinated mass looting in dozens of cities, and tried to burn down a federal courthouse in Portland.

But *this* riot- January 6th- requires months of histrionics from half-wit Democrat members of Congress. With cameras rolling and MSNBC bookers watching, they’ll try to outdo one another with teary-eyed superlatives about how a nonlethal, unarmed mob on 1/6 was somehow more dangerous than the attack we suffered on 9/11.


Remember, these are the same Democrats who for four years lied about a manifestly delusional plot between the Kremlin and Trump to steal the 2016 election.

The same ones who pretended to believe that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been a secret serial gang rapist in high school over 30 years ago based on zero evidence of any kind.

Same ones who believed Jussie Smollett was attacked by MAGA hat wearers in the dead of night in Chicago.

Democrats like Pelosi will pretend to believe anything, because they have no principles or integrity to protect. All that matters Is the ruthless acquisition of political power.

Any narrative that aids in that pursuit- no matter how idiotic, absurd, or viciously untrue- is justified in their minds.

The pretense that Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Commission is anything other than a ploy for Democrats to smear all Republicans as “insurrectionists!” is laughable.

If Pelosi wants to get to the bottom of what happened on January 6th, why not release the thousands of hours of surveillance footage- no editing- from inside the Capitol building that day?

Why not tell us who shot Ashli Babbitt, and what the use of force justification for it was?

Explain why Capitol Police were explicitly ordered not to use more effective crowd control means?

And while she’s at it, how can it be that we need a commission to “get to the truth” now, but we already had an impeachment of Donald Trump for his alleged role in the January 6th riot? Queen Nancy wants sentence first, verdict afterwards.

Americans of good faith will be troubled by these obvious concerns for truth. Pelosi won’t be. The bigger the smear campaign, the more it can serve the Democrats’ lust for power.

Pelosi is a fraud in all things but this: she is consistently, utterly ruthless. Her Democrat underlings will gleefully do her bidding with this absurd 1/6 commission.

As always, those Leftists protesting most loudly to be “restoring faith in our democratic processes” will be engaged in a remorseless mutilation of them.

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