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The Democrat Party Thinks Voter Fraud is ‘Infrastructure’

“We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War” Joe Biden shouted in his speech this week, which should sound frightening. Did North Korea fire nukes at Hawaii? Have Russian-backed separatists seized the White House and declared D.C. an independent nation? Did Britney’s dad put her back into conservatorship?

No, turns out that libs believe the biggest threat to America is anything that makes it harder for them to cheat in elections. There’s a clear pattern, isn’t there? The same way that libs always find a way to take the side of violent felons- “no bail, let them out ASAP, give them voting rights! Their crimes are society’s fault!”- they also despise anything that would make it just a little bit harder for their side to cheat in elections.

Biden’s speech on the subject of voting rights was quite possibly the most absurd, idiotic nonsense he’s ever spewed- which places it high in the pantheon of liberal insanity. Limiting early voting days is just as serious as Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor? Or the Cuban Missile Crisis? I think grandpa Joe needed a nap and a blanket.

Our current doddering Commander-in-Chief has an amusing habit of making strong declarations that contradict what he’s actually saying. He insists “literally” when he means figuratively. He says “not a joke” when- whether he knows it or not- he is indeed a joke. He tells America he does not want to alarm us- but “we should be alarmed.” That the Democrats have saddled America with the “Weekend at Bernie’s” presidency might be funny if the guy didn’t have the nuclear codes.


Keep in mind the handlers around him calling the shots are beholden to left wing loons who think stating pronouns is an act of bravery and climate change is an existential threat. And did you see the absconded Democrats from the Texas state house sharing selfies of their meals in DC? The Soy Latte brigade from Austin really seems to think they’re heroes for taking a glorified 8th grade class trip on the taxpayer’s dime.

In a sane world, nobody would take this Democrat Party seriously. It’s united in the disgraceful absurdity that voter ID and poll watcher protections are somehow analogous to “Jim Crow 2.0.” But the Democrat apparatus is, at least morally and intellectually, bankrupt. It has been overrun with neo-Marxist loons who have a confused mediocrity to boss around named Joe Biden.

The Left reminded us all this week that they can’t govern, but they can certainly lose their minds over the most simple challenge to their power. They have no integrity to protect, so anything goes. The only thing Democrats seem to get more excited about than inviting voter fraud is spurring massive inflation with reckless spending. They really want to party in those gas lines like it’s 1979.

If the libs’ mission is to make America miserable again, they’re doing a great job.


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