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Nikki Haley: ISIS and Taliban ‘Have a Moral Victory’ in Afghanistan

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said that botched withdrawal from Afghanistan gave a “moral victory to Jihadists.”

“The situation with Afghanistan is beyond disgusting,” Nikki Haley said on Fox News on Sunday. “Look at where we are now, first, the jihadists have a moral victory, that’s for Al-Qaeda and ISIS and Taliban… not just in Afghanistan but in the world. That’s going to allow them to recruit, and allow more lone wolf situations. It will be more dangerous.”

Haley warned that America’s allies are questioning U.S. leadership.

“The fact that the British and French have gone out of their way to get their citizens out and we’re telling our Americans, ‘hey, by the way, don’t come to the airport,’ doesn’t bode well for the country on the international stage,” she said.

“All of this has been catastrophic for America. It is not a good look,” Haley asserted. “It is not a good time, it is not a safe feeling, we have to do something about it — we can’t sit back. We can’t be victims. As a wife of combat veteran the military families are bonded in our sadness because this did not have to happen.”

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