Saturday, September 25, 2021

Rob Reiner: ‘Democracy Will Start to Crumble’ If Trump Not Held Accountable

Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner said on MSNBC that if former President Donald Trump was not held accountable for breaking laws, democracy would “start to crumble.”

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“Not surprising at all because this man literally breaks the law every day of his life!” said Reiner.

“Everything he does, every day he was president, every day he was in real estate before that. He’s under investigation in New York, in Georgia. Now with the DOJ, we’re going to see what happens. He’s escaped this his entire life. The question is, will he be held accountable? Specifically for what his role was on January 6th. We know what it was. It was to insight a deadly insurrection and take over the government. If he’s not held accountable for that, I suspect democracy will start to crumble. But I still hold out hope that he will be held accountable.”

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