Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sen. Blackburn: If You Want Shovel Ready Infrastructure, ‘Build the Wall’

Chuck Schumer announced that the text of the infrastructure bill is now complete and open for amendments. Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn says that if democrats want a “shovel ready infrastructure, build the wall and restart Keystone Pipeline.”

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“We would look forward to being able to read the bill and we’re pleased that we’re finally at the amendment process,” said Blackburn on Fox News on Sunday.

“I do have a couple of amendments I think would be very appropriate. If you want shovel ready infrastructure, build the wall. If you want shovel ready infrastructure, restart the Keystone pipeline. Those would be two good ways to move forward.”

“It is going to be important that we have the opportunity to to review this legislation. I am not inclined to vote for this if it is the same as what I saw when I left on Friday. Of course, we did not have the bill at that point. It was about twenty seven hundred pages and growing. But what we know is most Tennesseans are just like me in this. They are very pro infrastructure when it comes to roads and rails and rivers and runways and broadband, high speed Internet. What they do not want to see is their hard earned taxpayer dollars wasted on programs that are not going to be useful or will not even come to fruition for years. Things like the Green New Deal, subsidies for electric vehicles, people are not wanting to see their money used for that. They don’t want money to go to growing the size of the union. They are very concerned about some of the freedoms that they would be called to give away in order for government to have more control over our nation’s infrastructure, over our our nation’s energy policy.”

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