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Taliban Don’t Care What Pelosi Says, They’ll Continue Persecuting Women

Unfortunately, I think we’re going to see a lot of the worst is still yet to come in Afghanistan in the days ahead, in fact, I’m quite certain of it. We’re going to see the increase in reprisal killings, in the subjugation of women, the targeting of minorities.

All of this is really a certainty now. I mean, the Joe Biden speech today seemed to be essentially telling everybody that he wants to do this no matter what that cost is actually going to be that he thinks is in the best interest of the country. Certainly that withdrawal is calamitous in the execution of it. And Nancy Pelosi and others who are saying that they hope the Taliban acts better, that’s just wishful thinking. It’s not going to do a thing. And if anything, I think it emboldens our enemies who are laughing at us right now.

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