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Steve Moore: ‘It’s Insanity’ that We Are Incentivizing People Not to Work in This Country

Former Trump economic adviser Steve Moore speaking about the weak August jobs report on Fox Business said that Biden’s administration is “encouraging people to stay on sideline with all these benefits,” while “taxing people for working.”

“I think the Delta variant really did kind of slow some of the momentum in the economy, no question about it. But I got to go to this point. It is insanity that we have 10 million job openings, Dagen, and we are increasing food stamp benefits, we’ve got —still a lot of states have these unemployment benefits that are so high, we’re telling people you don’t have to pay your rent. You know, Larry Kudlow of your network has been all over this story. We are encouraging people to stay on sideline with all these benefits, we’re taxing people for working. We’ve got to reverse those policies. There is no reason we shouldn’t be creating 500, 600, 700,000 jobs a month given the demand. And all you have to do — I mean, I love these economists at the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ they had a piece saying, ‘Oh, the unemployment benefits are note deterring people from getting to work.’ I mean, get out of your ivory towers and talk to the small business men and women and the people who run construction companies and factories and manufacturing. They can’t get the workers, Dagen.”

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