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Why Afghanistan Withdrawal Went So Wrong?

Gutfeld: Buck, What do you make of this botched withdrawal in Afghanistan?

Buck Sexton: Well, we’re saying it’s botched now because it is and we saw it and they couldn’t hide it from us, in part because the Taliban doesn’t have the technology or the ability to shut down. People were texting me in real time about what was going on on the ground there. They were sending photos around. So we saw what a mess it was. It was clearly not planned. But just give this a few days, right? Because now that we’re at the point where we’re out now, there’s still a hundred plus Americans on the ground. The narrative is going to switch very quickly to Joe Biden is the guy that got things done. He’s the one that made the tough call here. And the fact that they were talking about a three hundred thousand person plus army that evaporated, that we lost soldiers in in Afghanistan, that we had all the disasters we’ve seen will be quickly forgotten. And they’re already starting to see some blips on CNN about the Insurrection Commission. Right now, they’re subpoenaing the Trump family records. They’re going to move past this as quickly as possible. And the new narrative is going to be gaslighting on a a thermonuclear scale. It’ll be the MOAB of gaslighting from the Biden administration.

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