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There’s No Real Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse

Of course Rittenhouse should be found not guilty- he’s innocent. It’s not a close call.

The kid shouldn’t have been on trial in the first place. In a sane, honest society, Kyle never would have been charged with a crime at all.

Rittenhouse shot 3 assailants, and killed two of them, in clear self-defense. Anyone who bothered to look at the evidence- including video- would have known this all along.

If it’s not self-defense to use lethal force against those who are pointing guns at you or hitting you with a skateboard as part of a mob that is threatening to kill you, what is?

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The lib corporate media was too busy defaming Rittenhouse as a “racist” “vigilante” “school shooter-like murderer” to bother with the actual facts of the case. They certainly had no interest in telling their audiences what really happened that night. It’s worth remembering why.

Mobs of Joe Biden voters were terrorizing the small city of Kenosha, Wisconsin during their summer of Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. Rittenhouse wanted to help protect those whom the state had decided to abandon in order to let the Marxists vent their rage. For the Left, that was Kyle’s real crime: he stood in their way.

For the Democrat apparatus, BLM rioters had to be allowed to terrorize Kenosha- among dozens of other cities- and nobody could be allowed to interfere. Any acts of citizen rebellion against the Leftist woke mobs would threaten their ability to throw destructive tantrums that tear apart the communities and intimidate the nation in an election year.

That was Rittenhouse’s real sin. He wasn’t afraid of the mob. A lone 17-year-old kid had enough of the thuggery and destruction. The Biden-voting lunatics who rampaged through the streets were outraged at his very presence, and they thought they could get away with assaulting or even killing him without consequence. They were wrong.

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The media, predictably, wasn’t just wrong on this case- they were vicious liars. Having any proof of Rittenhouse’s criminality was irrelevant to them. To them, he is guilty because of who he is. They hate what Rittenhouse represents- a young, white, conservative male who shows courage in the face of self-righteous, vicious mobs.

There’s so much shame to go around here, but none of it belongs to Rittenhouse. Journos were happy to malign Kyle in order to support the mobs that wanted to beat him senseless, if not to death. Contemptible CNN anchors and perfidious NY Times writers root for the BLM rioters, because they are the shock troops of their political party.

The three white criminals who attacked Rittenhouse probably announce their pronouns and believe that everything they don’t like is “racist,” just like the disgusting, cowardly journos want them to. The mob is their team; Kyle is not.

The District Attorney of Kenosha and prosecutors wildly overcharged Kyle (he faces the equivalent of First Degree Murder charges), and made a mockery of their professional integrity in doing so. They too bent the knee to the woke mob, as the entire Democrat party did for BLM in the summer of 2020. It was utterly shameful cowardice from lib elites and their apparatus, all of which make this a worse country.

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Kyle should be found not guilty of all charges. But that outcome is nowhere near enough. There are many people who owe him apologies they’ll never give, because they are entirely without honor. He deserves his reputation fully restored and compensation from the state and those who maliciously defamed him.

A society that would celebrate the imprisonment of a young man for defending himself and his community against the craven mob is one that will not enjoy freedom or rule of law for long, and doesn’t deserve to.

Pray that the Rittenhouse verdict is the right one.

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