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Virginia is Where it All Falls Apart for Democrats

Political predictions are a tough game, but here’s one: Glenn Youngkin is going to win the Virginia Governor’s race Tuesday. And it’s a big deal for the country.

It won’t be a blowout by any means- and there may be some last second shenanigans from Slimy Terry’s legal team (suddenly “questioning election results” will be patriotic again!). But if Youngkin comes out on top, it will be a seismic shock to the Democrat party and their rapidly cracking agenda.

It would also be a fantastic political catastrophe for the Biden White House, even though sleepy Joe isn’t on the ticket. Virginia is a state that Biden won by 10 points, and McAuliffe is a classic slimy creature of the DNC. He should have been able to win against a novice like Youngkin easily.

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McAuliffe had tons of mega donors lined up, knows how to play the political system in the state of Virginia, and had every big name politician on the Democrat rolodex from Obama to Biden and beyond come out to help him. They know the implications of this race go far beyond Virginia.

And while there will be many reasons for a Youngkin win- one stands out above all the rest.

Turns out that parents don’t like their kids being indoctrinated with Leftist claptrap.

They also don’t like being lied to about whether that’s going on. And they *really* hate being called white supremacists, or domestic terrorists, when they become angry about being lied to and then show up at school board meetings to express that displeasure.

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The parents’ counter-revolution against Critical Race Theory is central to what’s happening in Virginia. Loudon County, VA has been a frontline battleground for parents pushing back against CRT, and it may well be what costs Democrats control of the Governor’s mansion.

It could also have a contagion effect across the country. Parents see that when they show up and speak up, it can have effects not only for their children, but for local political power. With enough momentum, that can be heard all the way up at the state government- and even become a national news story, as it has in Virginia.

This could well be the first major victory of a Tea Party-like movement, as I have been saying for months. Parents fighting the counter-revolution against CRT terrifies Democrats because it goes after their stranglehold on education. If you want to beat libs, go after what matters most to them. Ideological brainwashing of America’s youth is one of their favorite things. Take it from them.

If a Youngkin victory happens, and Virginia is a harbinger of things to come, Democrats are in for a midterm annihilation and the Biden White House will wish Joe could ride out year 2 in the basement just like he did the 2020 election.

Let’s hope. Now go vote.

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