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Everyone Knows Biden’s First Year is a Disaster

You have to wonder: was this really the best the Democrats could do?

Inflation is the worst it has been in decades. The crime wave is out of control. The border is wide open. COVID cases are raging. The Afghanistan withdrawal was a debacle. The regime’s failures are so widespread, it’s hard to keep track of them.

Joe Biden is just really bad at this whole president thing. Awful, absurd, beyond what anyone could have known in advance.

The Kabul Catastrophe is Biden’s Fault

Look, he’s always been a mediocrity and a buffoon, but after libs lecturing America for four years about our “sacred institutions” and “democratic norms”- they really pushed this doddering old fool into the Oval Office? Yup.

Any sane person had low expectations for the White House after the 2020 election- and in his most impressive feat, Biden dramatically underperformed his detractors’ predictions.

What exactly does Biden have to show for being president at this point? “Build Back Better” is stalled out. Even if it gets passed, it’s a multi-trillion dollar spend-a-thon that will make inflation worse.

You’ve probably noticed, the Democrats are now relegated to saying stupid, clearly false things to defend their awful regime. It’s not just that their ideas are bad- they’re incompetent too.

So what else can they do, but lie?

Inflation isn’t the result of government spending too much- it’s just greedy meat packers colluding to drive up prices. That seems odd- Biden becomes president, and the laws of basic economics are suspended?

Fauci is the Most Destructive Bureaucrat in Living Memory

They tell you it’s not that “defund police”- the dumbest political slogan in living memory (“Walls don’t work” is a close second)- has led to massive increases in crime in cities across the country.

It’s really the pandemic, they claim. They hope you don’t notice that the crime wave started in June of 2020- when Black Lives Matter began its wave of riots (“mostly peaceful” protests according to CNN).

Speaking of the pandemic, didn’t Scranton Joe promise “I’m not gonna shut down the economy, I’m gonna shut down the virus?” Yeah, about that…

It’s a mess. 2021 has been a total cluster for Team Biden. Jen Psaki might as well just call in sick. It’s not going to get better in the West Wing anytime soon.

AOC thinks concerns over rising crime rates are “Hysteria”

Now, don’t get cocky, GOP. The Democrats will not go quietly into electoral annihilation in 2022 that they so richly deserve. Yes, they have no record to run on, and Biden is a laughingstock.

So you know what they will do? Whatever the hell they have to.

It will get ugly. Get ready for it. Prepare for ideological battle.

Your country hangs in the balance.

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