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SHOCKING: Proof That Fauci Has Gone INSANE

BUCK: We have our friend with us right now, as promised, Alex Berenson. He is the author of Pandemia, which is out right now and it’s doing great so far. Pick up your copy. I’ve got mine at hoe. Clay has his copy at home. Pandemia. A man who actually looks at the data and says things that you would get before it the data no matter how much the Fauciites scream at him. Alex, great to have you.

BERENSON: Thanks. Thanks.

BUCK: We always want to start at the 30,000-foot level. We’re at over a hundred thousand cases now, just saw this the New York Times, huge increase nationwide. We have 200 million people, quote, “fully vaccinated” in this country, right, and many more than that at least partially, whatever that even means now, vaccinated. What the heck is going on, Alex? What does the data tell us?

BERENSON: Well, listen you and I and Clay talked about this for months. It was obvious that there was going to be a major winter wave because vaccine protection fades and we saw this in Europe; we saw it in the U.K. We knew there were gonna be a lot of cases this winter. Now, we’ll see what happens with deaths. Hopefully deaths will not hit the level that they hit last winter, and the vaccine fanatics will say, “Well, that’s because vaccines don’t prevent death, even though they don’t do anything else, and that’s all we want them to do anyway,” which we know is a lie.

But I think… Look, therapeutics have improved. Doctors know more about how to treat this. We are seeing somewhat lower death rates in a lot of countries, which is obviously a good thing. But I think we’re gonna see this wave continue. Why wouldn’t we? This is a seasonal virus. The vaccines do very little, if anything, to prevent infection and transmission, and we’re headed into the winter.

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