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Biden Will Be Even Worse in Year 2

If you saw that meandering, absurd press conference yesterday, you might be thinking “oh my God, maybe Kamala Harris would be better!”

First off, no she wouldn’t. Kamala isn’t even good at being a shameless, phony politician. But second, yes, Joe Biden is clearly not up for this, he’s not all there, his press conference bordered on the delusional. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that he was never up for the job in the first place. It was cynical and irresponsible for the media to make him president.

How’s the economy going? Joe says it’s great, the American people just don’t know it. Biden created six million jobs- and by that he means, the lockdowns ended and some jobs that were shut down were allowed back. Brilliant stuff, Joe. That’s the kind of intellectual horsepower that got you placed 76th of 85 students at Syracuse Law, class of 1968.

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Empty shelves in the grocery stores? Biden tells the peasants to shut up, it’s all in their imaginations, they have plenty to eat. How would he assess his first year in office? “Outperformed all expectations” (yes, he actually said that).

What about the massive failure of vaccine campaign- including widespread compulsory shots- to stop the spread of COVID? Or the highest inflation rate America has seen in decades? Most wide open border for illegal immigration in memory? The reckless demagoguery about how anyone who opposes his bull crap “voting rights” push is the equivalent of Bull Connor?

None of it matters to Scranton Joe. Biden’s chief talent is his relentless mediocrity. He has neither the brains nor the courage to stand for anything, so he just goes along with whatever most pleases the Democrat apparatus. He’s the ultimate machine politician. There’s no integrity to protect, so anything is possible.

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Biden is a glorified wax figure with DNC talking points and a Cheshire Cat grin. Unless you ask him a real question- then he yells at you like the bad guy caught at the end of a Scooby Doo cartoon.

Sure, during the presser, he gave completely unnecessary encouragement to Putin’s imminent invasion of Ukraine- but at least he’s not “orange man bad.” When the Democrats went all out with their anything but Trump campaign in 2020, they meant it. Biden proves that. He’s anything.

And now, Biden’s out of cheap tricks. His agenda is stalled, he has no political capital, and everyone knows the mid-terms are likely to feel like a GOP buzz saw cutting through the hopes and dreams of the Democrat Commies.

So what will he do? Will Biden pivot, triangulate, come to an accommodation for the other side? Unite the country around moderate governance, as he promised during the 2020 campaign?

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Of course not. Get ready for more policy failures and pathetic talking points about “white supremacy” and “the insurrection,” while the sane component of America prepares to repudiate this madness in November.

Biden’s Democrat party is heading toward electoral annihilation, and they will have earned that humiliation and more.

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