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The CDC is an Abomination That Can’t Even Count Properly

What exactly has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) done well over the 2 years of the COVID pandemic?

Has there been a single moment when a sane person has said, “yeah, this crew of Fauci and his little lab coat minions are making great decisions, I’m impressed?”

Absolutely not. In fact, the Fauci lockdown squad have made the CDC look like the most corrupt, inept, worthless 3-letter agency in the federal government- and that’s really saying something.

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Meanwhile, the ‘conspiracy theorists’ keep being proven correct by events, and the biosecurity state authoritarians of the CDC have to scramble for yet another bull crap rationalization for how they got it so wrong- again.

Remember how we weren’t allowed to question whether the hospitalization numbers might be off? As in, were people in the hospital “with” or “from” COVID? Is someone who shows up with a broken arm but tests positive for COVID with no symptoms counted as a COVID case?

There have been critics saying this over 18 months. The Fauci propaganda apparatus, as usual, shouted them down and pretended this was crazy talk. Social media and fact checkers considered even a discussion about the hospitalization numbers to be misinformation.

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Guess what? In the last couple of weeks, Fauci has had to admit that a lot- maybe most- of children counted as COVID hospitalization aren’t there primarily for COVID. Uh oh.

Not to be left out of a true *Charlie Foxtrot* situation, CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky admitted on Fox News this past weekend that she doesn’t know how many of the 836,000 COVID deaths are primarily from COVID, and it will take weeks to figure out. “Data will be forthcoming” she said. Sure, we won’t hold our breath.

By the way, how’s that whole vaccine mandate thing working out? The one the CDC has spearheaded and increasingly jammed down the throats of the American public, on the promise that it would stop the spread?

Mandating Covid Vaccines for Children is Insane

Well, the U.S. just recently hit an all-time COVID case peak of almost 1 million cases in a day. New York City- which has over 90% of adults vaccinated- keeps hitting new record highs for case load.

If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like?

Stop asking questions! The CDC doesn’t like that. They much prefer you double-mask alone outside, pray to Fauci the high priest of worthless “mitigation measures,” and get in line for another shot. And another. And just a few more. Almost done. Promise.

This madness only ends when we make it end.

Tearing the CDC down to the studs and starting again from scratch would be a good start.

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