Speaking during his national radio program Thursday night, host Buck Sexton slammed the all-out assault on President Trump’s constitutional rights; adding it’s “serious stuff” that the government approved “wiretaps” over possible campaign finance violations.

“One of the important lessons that anyone watching this circus around Trump is that they want to take down anyone who’s just trying to make sure the President of the United States has his rights defended,” said Buck.

“I saw the report today about how maybe Cohen’s phone call to the White House was picked up under surveillance. This is serious stuff. An active wiretap on the President’s lawyer,” he added.

“They’re now authorizing wiretaps because they think maybe there’s a campaign finance violation? They can’t be serious,” Sexton said. “They don’t care that it’s unfair, they don’t care that it’s hurting the entire country.”

“Hillary Clinton was running a global scam under the auspices of a charity, but they couldn’t really dig into that one,” he added.

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