National radio host Buck Sexton unloaded on the special counsel’s office following their unprecedented raid on Trump’s personal lawyer Wednesday; saying Mueller’s “joke” of an investigation now includes the infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape.

“What the heck do they need anything having to do with the Access Hollywood tape?” asked Buck. So, maybe Cohen made an effort to suppress the tape? That’s not some huge crime against the state. Maybe they’ll say it’s a Federal Election Committee violation.”

“What a joke this whole thing has turned into,” he added. “You have a special counsel who’s looking into communications surrounding a tape where Trump is talking about how he likes to be sexually aggressive towards women… That’s what this is all about now?”

“We have a multimillion-dollar crack team of ferocious prosecutors and they’re looking for information about an October surprise,” Sexton said. “That’s the left’s attitude about everything. If it shreds the Constitution but it hurts Trump, it’s fine. If it shows we have no morals or ethics but it hurts Trump, it’s fine.”

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