Speaking during his national radio program Wednesday night, host Buck Sexton called-out the “anti-Trumpers” and their hysterical coverage of the President’s Helsinki summit; saying any major shift in Russia policy would have to go through the appropriate channels.

“I love this notion that there can be massive policy changes that the President can keep a secret. That’s not how that works. The anti-Trumpers in their delirium of hating the Donald don’t understand that policy has to be implemented through people,” said Buck.

“President Trump isn’t the one that runs around doing everything all the time, he has to delegate authority. Just the President saying something isn’t policy. People have to do it, there have to be people involved, you can’t hide these things,” he added.

“Especially any major shift in Russia policy… You look at Russia, China, North Korea, these issues are all geographically tied into one another. This is a President who wants to be judged by the successes of what he does in office, not the words he uses,” Sexton said.

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