National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in Wednesday night on the escalating feud between the Trump administration and the Mueller probe; describing the high-stakes showdown as a “bar room brawl” for the future of the White House.

“He understands now that this is a bar room brawl with high-priced lawyers in the middle of it. They’re trying to take down this president. That’s why the release of these questions was so interesting,” said Buck.

“The President of the United States should not be put through this based on the flimsy, non-sense witch hunt rational we’ve been offered up to this point. It’s simply insane where we are,” he added.

“It makes no sense for the President to suffer through this garbage. Unfortunately, we’re in a bar room brawl,” Sexton said. “You’ve got to square up and deal with what the other side is doing to try and get you. That’s where Trump is right now.”

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