Speaking during his national radio program last week, host Buck Sexton weighed-in on the media’s flat-out denial of President Trump’s “best week ever,” instead focusing on one White House staffer’s inappropriate joke about Sen. John McCain.

“Trump just had his best week ever. It’s not being framed that way. He pulls out of the Iran deal; made a promise and kept a promise. He’s got this meeting set up between himself and Kim Jong Un. He’s got three American hostages released from North Korea,” said Buck.

“Unemployment rate is under 4%. They got those five ISIS terrorists… That’s the week that Trump had. Like clockwork, what do you think is the main story on CNN?” he asked. “Of all those things that I told you about… ‘White House will not apologize for McCain comment.’”

“The whole game that the media’s playing is that the White House needs to apologize too. They want to make the whole White House suffer because of one joke. The moment the White House has to speak to it the more they own it,” Sexton said.

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