The migrant ‘caravan’ of Central American workers arrived at the US-Mexico border this week; setting the stage for a legal showdown over whether the immigrants can apply for “asylum” in the United States.

“You have this caravan now at the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing. Some of them are already being processed,” said Buck Sexton.

“The media portrays this as if it’s people who are fleeing their country of origin because they have no choice. Asylum is not supposed to be for, ‘Hey, the country I come from is in pretty crappy conditions right now,’” he added.

“That’s called an ‘immigrant.’ The asylum process is a separate pathway. That’s true in way too much of the world that could get here on foot or another point of entry. If it were just ‘I’d rather be in America’ we would be inundated,” Sexton said.

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