National radio host Buck Sexton slammed anti-ICE protesters Thursday; blasting the left-wing activists for attacking law enforcement while they were actively busting-up a child prostitution ring.

“You have these people who are protesting ICE saying ‘We love our neighbors’ as ICE agents were busting a child prostitution ring,” said Buck.

“As Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is saving kids from sexual slavery, you’ve got this pack of idiots who are out there talking about how ‘no one is illegal,” he added. “It’s just so much easier to make the problem all about Trump and everyone gets to give themselves a pat on the back. ‘Abolish ICE’ is a rallying cry for idiots.”

“Who’s going to enforce federal criminal law? That seems to be a problem, but that’s where the Democrats are. Just grasping at anything,” Sexton said.

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