National radio host Buck Sexton analyzed the political and philosophical break-down at the heart of the Democrat’s failed immigration policies Wednesday night; saying liberals don’t believe in two key concepts: sovereignty and the nation-state.

“At the root of the immigration debate are a couple of concepts that the left either ignores or completely mischaracterizes and lies about. One is the notion of sovereignty. That a government that doesn’t have control over who comes and goes in any way ceases to be a government,” said Buck.

“Democrats love taxing people. How do you enforce taxation if you don’t know who’s coming and going with no means of controlling that?” he asked. “They do not believe in sovereignty and also this: The nation-state system is inherently unfair.”

“Life is not fair,” said Sexton. “Where you are born in terms of what country you were born in is unfair […] It is an unfair thing that people are born with US citizenship and other people are born in the middle of war-torn Aleppo.”

“If we really think that we’re going to eliminate unfairness of different nation-states entirely, then we’re talking about the eradication of sovereignty,” he added.

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