Speaking on ‘America Now’ Tuesday night, host Buck Sexton praised the GOP-controlled Congress for finally passing a significant piece of legislation, saying the Democratic party is “rattled” by the Republican-sponsored tax cuts going into 2018.

“I think the Democrats are a little rattled by this. I do believe that they were planning on going into 2018 with the narrative that 2017 was just about Russia collusion, and Trump barely staying in office, and we need to get rid of all this corruption and sexism and racism that is now symbolized by Donald Trump,” said Buck.

“Instead, they had to deal with [the tax cut],” he added.

“Now, the GOP get to go on vacation, the Congress gets to go on vacation with something done. I have been saying all along, if they went into the Christmas break without a single piece of legislation passed while they hold the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, then how are we going to get people to turn out for the midterms?” Sexton asked.

“Vote for us this time, we promise we mean it? It wasn’t going to be feasible for them to defend against the Democratic talking point that they’re worthless. At least give us a shot to do something,” said Buck. “It’s a good day for the market, good day for the economy.”

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.