National radio host Buck Sexton unloaded on the alleged “War on the FBI” on Tuesday night, saying leftists and Democrats will never accept the fact that some inside the bureau were in the tank for Hillary and dead-set on stopping President Trump.

“McCabe is no longer at the FBI […] From a pure bureaucratic perspective, it’s very unlikely he’d want to become his own news cycle for a day right before the State of the Union, right before this memo release, unless someone saw this memo and said, ‘You know what? You’ve got to go now because this is about protecting the bureau,’” said Buck.

“They can’t have it known that they may have had prior knowledge of his poor judgement or malfeasance and then kept him on anyway,” he added. “McCabe is under scrutiny as well for the possibility of politicization of the Hillary Clinton investigation in the final weeks of the campaign.”

“This investigation has been going on for so long. You’re never going to have true vindication because there’s going to be leftists and Democrats who don’t care who comes out to say this was all nonsense, they’re still going to say there was a Russian collusion effort,” Sexton said.

“We’re getting close to some answers… It looks like they’re going to be what we thought they were all along,” Buck added. “The Inspector General is looking into whether McCabe slow-rolled the re-opening of the email investigation after James Comey had taken that bizarre step forward […] and stood in front of the American people as the FBI director and [exonerated Clinton.]”

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