Speaking during his national radio program last week, Buck Sexton weighed-in on the mass shooting that stunned the Santa Fe High School in Texas; saying there’s no clear answer on how to stop these types of attacks.

“This is going to happen going forward. There will be these incidents. We can try and do everything in our power to stop them, but I wish I could see another way. You’re not going to have a mass confiscation of firearms in this country,” said Buck.

“You’re not going to have a situation where the Second Amendment is repealed. If you tried you’d magnify so many other problems,” he added. “We have to identify who the threats are, but it’s not easy. It’s a lot easier said than it is to actually do it. Maybe there will be some legislation that comes out of this.”

“I still don’t see what the answer could have been. If someone’s non-violent, no criminal record, didn’t tell anyone about the plan… This is where it is right now. I wish I had an answer, I really do,” Sexton said.

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