Congressional leaders released even more anti-Trump text messages between high-level DOJ officials this week, showing senior FBI agent Peter Strzok is not only a “social justice warrior,” but is also filled with “disdain for Republicans.”

“Here’s what we know, here’s what matters. This guy Strzok… he was even worse than we thought. More text messages have been released, we now know more about who this guy was and what he thought about Trump,” said Buck Sexton.

“It turns out that Strzok is a social justice warrior, that he has self-righteous and deeply ignorant views on politics, that he’s full of disdain for Republicans,” he added.

“We’ve seen more of who this guy is. Remember, he helped craft the language for the Comey exoneration of Hillary Clinton’s email crimes,” Sexton said. “This is a guy whose ideas and biases matter.”

“Peter Strzok jokes in these text messages that he would rather his son be homeless than support Ted Cruz. He joked that the government should shut down a pro-life march. That’s really funny for a federal agent to joke about,” he added. “He’s snide, he’s a partisan, and he’s an idiot.”

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