National radio host Buck Sexton called-out senior intelligence officials and Democratic legislators Monday night, blasting the former Obama insiders for refusing to acknowledge that FISA warrants were obtained using “unverified” sources to surveil American citizens.

“[Brennan’s] notion that just because it’s not verified doesn’t mean it’s not true, that’s so misleading in so many ways. This isn’t just information that they wanted to run to ground to check out, they took action based on unverified information,” said Buck.

“A lot of raw intel is crap, a lot of it… The point here is they have to check the information because if you take action on unverified information, think about what that opens us up to,” he added. “You can’t take action on it until it is verified and therefor you know it’s true. If you take action based on unverified information you pollute, and distort, and degrade the entire process.”

“They keep talking about undermining institutions. If you want to undermine institutions convince the American people that you can open-up an all-encompassing FISA warrant on them based on what some dude said to some dude that somebody never checked,” Sexton said.

“But it’s a dud, right? Yeah, the whole thing’s ‘a dud,” Buck added.

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