National radio host Buck Sexton slammed senior members of the FBI and DOJ Monday night, saying the IG report revealed new information that shows the agency was trying to “slow roll” and hide important information.

“I can’t help but feel as if there’s an intentional shift away from an Inspector General report that was appalling with what it told us about the FBI. The stuff that came out, it can’t be ignored, it can’t be pushed aside,” said Buck.

You had the Inspector General today getting asked by the Senate about what’s going on. There’s some more troubling information that came to light, more stuff came out and it does not look good,” he added.

“They had to use DOD software to recover the text messages of these FBI agents. FBI agents had trouble maintaining records of what the communications were,” said Sexton. “No question at all, based on testimony and the IG report, the FBI was trying to slow roll and hide information.”

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