Speaking during his national radio program Thursday night, host Buck Sexton slammed the mainstream media and liberal politicians who use the term “undocumented workers,” sayings it’s simply made-up jargon to promote their left-wing agenda.

‘Undocumented immigrants’ is a nonsense, made-up term. The only part of it that’s useful is that anyone who uses it doesn’t think about what they’re saying or is engaged in propaganda,” said Buck.

“We have something called the federal criminal code in this country. It says that somebody who enters the country without legal permission to do so is an ‘illegal alien,’” he added. “This is a legal term, it’s not a slur, it’s not racist, it doesn’t just apply to Mexicans or Central Americans.”

“They use this term ‘undocumented immigrants.’ In reality they have documents, just not the documents that they want,” Sexton said.

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