Speaking during his national radio program Wednesday night, host Buck Sexton praised President Trump for asking the tough questions during his trip to NATO; questioning why the alliance continues to exist in the post-soviet era.

“Why not have a heart-to-heart? Why not have an honest, no-frills conversation with our European allies? They can handle it, these are developed countries. The EU in its totality has a bigger economy than the United States,” said Buck.

“Why do they look to us for their collective defense? Trump’s asking these questions,” he added. “With NATO we have a situation where everyone agrees the Europeans are being ‘freeloaders,’ and if nothing else: Why do we have NATO? The Soviet Union no longer exists.”

“The reason for NATO’s existence no longer exists. Unless somebody truly believes that Russia is going to invade a sovereign European nation, there’s no explanation for what NATO’s going to do,” Sexton said.

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