National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on special counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to delay the sentencing of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn on Thursday; saying it was time for President Trump to pardon his former senior aide.

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is postponing the sentencing of former National Security Advisor -and general for decades- Mike Flynn. They say they’re doing this because of the status of the investigation,” said Buck.

“Here’s what I think about this: I believe Flynn should be pardoned. This is not justice. It is not justice for General Flynn facing any kind of confinement,” he added. “Flynn knows he can cooperate without any damage to his honor because when it comes to Russian collusion there’s nothing for him to cooperate on. There’s nothing here, so sure he’ll answer whatever questions they’ve got.”

“To me, extending out the sentencing for Flynn is Mueller buying more time for the prospect of Flynn to help put the pressure on someone,” said Sexton. “He lied about a non-crime to the FBI. What’s the real damage here?”

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