National radio host Buck Sexton called-out the mainstream media’s non-stop “hissy fit” over Trump’s foreign policy Monday night, saying liberal pundits are just “anti-Trump maniacs” trying to take down the President.

“This President’s amazing. There are some days where I just thank God for Donald Trump. The media was in such a hissy fit over the weekend, they’re such a bunch of snide, condescending, self-important clowns,” said Buck.

“First of all, stop hyperventilating about everything. We see this on every issue whenever Trump does something,” he added. “Everyone who was a little Obama-ite in the media for eight years then, is a little anti-Trump maniac now and is just lying or they’re just delusional.”

“Trump has changed the way that we are thinking about tariffs… ‘Free Trade’ is a principle, it’s not a reality,” Sexton said.

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