Speaking during his national radio program Thursday, host Buck Sexton weighed-in on President Trump’s upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un; adding the mainstream media will have ‘no credibility’ should Trump manage to pull off a major diplomatic breakthrough.

“You’ve got this summit coming up in just a few days, what you can’t help but notice is that the media is looking to run every negative story about this sit down. It’s not just because they’re looking to tell any story, they want to form a narrative in advance of recklessness and failure,” said Buck.

“No matter what happens, they will give you a follow-up that says, ‘See, this was recklessness and failure.’ They don’t really care what happens. They’re going to be telling you this was Trump the buffoon,” he added.

“If he manages the most important diplomatic breakthrough since the end of the Cold War I think it’s going to make things tough for them,” Sexton said.

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