The mainstream media continued its all-out assault on the Trump administration this week, simultaneously accusing the President of being a “buffoon” and a criminal mastermind capable of evading the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

“No matter what happens, no matter what the final claim is when it comes to the Trump investigation… they will say it’s not that Trump was innocent, it’s that they couldn’t find enough evidence to indict,” said Buck Sexton.

“They’ll take no ownership of this giant fiasco. They won’t feel a moment’s consideration for what they’ve done to the American people,” he added. “There will never be an exoneration for Trump in the eyes of the media. It will just be, ‘He got away.’”

“We are simultaneously told by the mainstream media that Donald Trump is a buffoon who doesn’t know anything, and yet the Mueller probe is unable to find any wrongdoing. Which is it?” asked Sexton.

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