Speaking during his national radio show last week, host Buck Sexton slammed the mainstream media over their non-stop conspiracy theories surrounding the First Lady; baselessly suggesting her “absence” following a kidney procedure was somehow “sinister.”

“A lot of questions being asked about something there shouldn’t be any question over. The First Lady had to have a kidney procedure, she had to have surgery. This has been known all along,” said Buck.

“You’ll also note that there’s meant to be a sense of, ‘Maybe there’s something sinister here, maybe something’s being covered up.’ Otherwise, how is this even a story?” he asked.

“You find that you had the New York Times implying the timing of Melania’s surgery was suspect. You had Politico blaming the White House for stoking conspiracy theories,” Sexton said. “These journalists are savages, not nice people, very petty and vindictive.”

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