As President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address to the American people Tuesday night, Democratic lawmakers appeared downright miserable; going so far as to storm out of the room as their colleagues broke into a ‘USA’ chant mid-speech.

“In many ways it was a refutation of those who have been telling us that this is going to lead to disaster. The markets will crash, the government will fail, there will be all kinds of terrible calamities because of Trump. In fact, it has been a year of considerable progress,” said Buck Sexton.

“The American people are benefiting from the Trump presidency in ways that we would all be much more familiar with if the media cared to tell us about what’s really going on,” he added. “There were plenty of applause lines that should have gotten both political parties on their feet; that was not what we saw from the Democrats.”

“Democrats saw a different speech entirely,” said Sexton. “’Divisive” is a code word for ‘Republican.’ ‘Divisive’ means ‘conservative’ because there were plenty of clear olive branches during President Trump’s speech where he was reaching out to the other side.”

“It looked like somebody had just ruined Nancy Pelosi’s garden party. She was very unhappy throughout the entirety of this,” he added.

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