National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on Robert Mueller’s never-ending investigation Tuesday; slamming the months-long probe as an “obvious political fight” that’s heading nowhere.

“The Mueller inquiry is intended to do exactly what it’s doing. Grind away at people, the process is the punishment, cause them to spend untold millions on legal fees and lost night’s sleep,” said Buck.

“It’s a collusion between the mainstream media, the Democrat party, the judiciary to obstruct Trump in any way possible that they can,” he added. “The President had the constitutional right to fire Comey for no reason or any reason. So how can we be in a place where the special counsel is looking into this?”

“It’s all premised on a lie. The lie is that it’s about protecting our democracy,” Sexton said. “I just see this is as an obvious political fight playing out in front of all of America, it’s just going nowhere.”

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