Trump signed an executive order Wednesday afternoon, effectively ending “family separations” along the US-Mexico border

A growing chorus of Democratic politicians repeatedly called for the “abolishment of ICE” this week; raising serious questions over how serious liberal lawmakers are about controlling the US-Mexico border.

“This whole ‘abolish ICE’ thing… I came at this from the prospective that it doesn’t make much sense. This is a nonsensical thing to say. You need to have it,” said Buck Sexton. “To abolish ICE means you would have nobody there to do vetting for actual asylum seekers. You’d have no one to work on these cases that come into the country. It just doesn’t work.”

“Also, interior enforcement. Border Patrol isn’t driving around the country going into meat-processing plants and trying to do these rounds-ups of illegal immigration labor,” he added. “It’s really not about policy… You have a bunch of Democratic politicians now repeating this refrain.”

“Just look at this through a community-organizer lens. It all makes sense… It’s not about policy, it’s about mobilization,” Sexton said.

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