National radio host Buck Sexton slammed the partisan “snakes” inside the FBI on Tuesday, saying there are those inside the agency who would “exploit” the intelligence community to derail Donald Trump’s presidency.

“That’s it, that’s all they’ve got. Here we are over a year into this thing and that’s all they’ve got despite the fact that they were running a FISA warrant on [Carter Page]. Don’t you think if he were part of an espionage conspiracy with the Russians against the United States; wouldn’t there be some kind of a charge at some point?” asked Buck.

“How is it possible that Carter Page -this guy of no significance who claims to never have spoken to Trump- could be the center of this Russian collusion maelstrom if he’s never spoken to Trump? How does that work? Did one of Trump’s lower-level people just concoct this whole scheme? This is fantasyland stuff,” he added.

“Let’s look at what we’ve really learned here. We’ve learned that there are people inside the FBI and the DOJ who are snakes; who can’t be trusted,” Sexton said. “Who are pro-Hillary partisans, who used the powers of their offices, who used the façade of a non-partisan executive branch agency in order to engage in partisan machinations.”

“They’re willing to exploit the surveillance apparatus of the intelligence community against a US citizen,” Buck added.

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