Rand Paul delivered a scathing, late-night setback to the Senate’s bipartisan budget deal Thursday; delaying the bill’s approval for hours while calling out his “conservative colleagues” on their unwillingness to curtail government spending.

“The truth here is that what Rand Paul is saying is absolutely the case,” said Buck Sexton. “This can’t keep going on, the party can’t keep going on. The problem right now is that the federal government is the guy at the party, saying ‘Who’s got the beer?’”

“Both political parties are saying the party keeps going, don’t worry about it. Nobody wants to be the nerd saying there’s real structural problems with continuing to spend this much money,” he added. “The Democrats are just off in La La Land, they’re off in some alternate universe with this stuff. They’ll complain about the military budget, the military’s not the problem.”

“We have this huge debt that we’re all carrying around. It affects the economy,” said Sexton. “Future generations are going to feel it. We’re going to see that we have to start raising taxes big time. We already have a European-style welfare state, just not quite as high as what they have in some places like Sweden.”

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