Buck Calls Out AP Bias

To lead off Tuesday’s show, Buck called “Bias Alert” on coverage of the news about a shooter who killed three people in Fresno, CA.

The killer allegedly screamed “Allahu Akbar!” as police apprehended him. The AP Twitter feed subsequently translated those words to “God is Great.”

“Every time this happens, there is a change in the way the media covers this,” Buck said. “Unless it’s a white male, they’re slow to share the motive.”

“If this were a Democrat administration, you’d hear something like the gun is the problem, as though that’s the issue, that’s what to focus on,” Buck continued. “They have a policy preference here. When the shooter is nonwhite, they have a script that they go to. They say, hold on, this is about mental illness. Whereas if it’s right-wing terrorism, we hear, ‘This is the America that Trump has created.’ There’s no ‘Hold on a second, we don’t have all the facts here.'”

Well, Isn’t That Special?

Buck then turned to the Georgia special election for the contested seat of Tom Price, who was nominated to the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“Jon Ossoff seems like the Progressive dream candidate,” said Buck. “Then again, I don’t know what the Progressive left is into other than dressing in black, breaking stuff, and punching people.

Buck more or less dismissed the notion that this special election was a bellwether of the 2018 midterm elections or a referendum of Trump’s first 100 days.

“You’d figure this wouldn’t be a bellwether,” said Buck. “You can tie this to so many things.”

He also prepared listeners for the media to spin the result however it likes, depending on the outcome.

“When is something an anomaly and when is it indicative of a larger trend? It just depends on what the press likes. If the Republican wins, it’s a big nothingburger. If the Democrat wins, it’s an embarrassment.”

Finally, Buck took issue with the fact that Ossoff had worked for Al-Jazeera America.

“I’m a young buck in media,” Buck quipped, “but I do pass judgment on those who do Al-Jazeera America.”

The Decrepit State of the Left

Buck then welcomed the irascible Kevin Williamson, a roving correspondent for National Review, to discuss the hype around the Georgia special election and the wider political temperature. 

Williamson offered an unsparing view of the fallen state of the Democratic Party.

“If you took away direct election of senators, we’d have something like 70 Republican Senators right now,” said Williamson. “Obama was a charismatic figure, but under him, they kind of let everything burn to the ground.”

In an altogether refreshing reminder that the Left’s bark is significantly worse than its bite, Williamson gave his opinion why.

“They said to themselves, ‘We’ve got the White House, the media, and the courts,’ and that’s all we’ll need. But truthfully the situation is pretty dire for them. Suddenly, they’re all interested in gerrymandering…which is funny because for 50-60 years, gerrymandering was their main business.”

“I think they’re starting to figure out that Obama was bad for them,” Williamson said of the Left. “He was good for himself, he was good at making himself look like a beloved intellectual. But in terms of building an organization, they’re gutted out. They’ve gotta be a little bit nervous.”

The discussion then turned to health care and Williamson’s view of how favorably the country views single-payer healthcare.

“I think people support single-payer without really knowing what it actually is,” said Williamson. “By and large they claim to support the healthcare systems in Western Europe. Well, the number of countries that actually have single-payer in Western Europe, or anywhere, is pretty small. Most of Western Europe has private insurance with generous subsidies, which is more or less Obamacare.”

The Angriest Day of the Year

Next, Buck addressed everyone’s (least) favorite day: Tax Day.

“This should be the angriest day of the year for us,” said Buck. “Instead, the American people are pretty tame on this, pretty docile. You look back at the Founding, taxation was enough to get the Founders riled up at what was their government.”

“I can’t see how this isn’t a missed opportunity,” he continued. “Like well-behaved livestock, we file our taxes, we scurry, and we hope the IRS bureaucrats don’t decide to come after us. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Buck also addressed the news that has since broken that tax reform is getting pushed to significantly later in teh year.

“At least sell us on what the tax plan is going to be,” said Buck. “I don’t think it should have to be complex, either.”

“We’re being conditioned constantly that we’re going to get a tax cut, and that we should be grateful for that. It’s like, the government is so generous. No, they’re just giving you back your money! The whole system we have is rotten. The whole tax code, 70,000 pages, is a monument to corruption and special interests and social engineering.”

“I hope President Trump acts on taxes, and I’m counting on him to.”